Occupational Safety - and the cost ?

I am a senior consultant, you receive premium services.


Hourly rate

The hourly rate is € 120.

The daily rate is € 960.


Billing mode

The service will be invoiced after delivery.


certificate of achievement

An hourly record is kept with a description of the services performed.


ride costs

  € 0.50 / km

+ € 35.00 each way.


Types of benefits

Preparation, on-site performance, follow-up, organization.


amount of hours

  • are always transparent, are budgeted, agreed and approved by the customer,
  • depend on the number of employees, scope of measures, level of difficulty.
Money and trust go together.
Money and trust go together.

My cost experience curve

Typical course of the costs per year:

Risk assessments dominate in the first year.

In the further course, inspections and instructions are repeated.