Details of hazardous assessments

Was ist eine Gefährdungsbeurteilung?
Was ist eine Gefährdungsbeurteilung?

What is a risk assessment?

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In accordance with the legal philosophy in the European legal area, the term "endangerment" denotes the possibility of damage or health impairment without any specific requirements regarding its extent or probability of occurrence.


In plain language, this means that, for example, an employee's concerns expressed during the conversation must be an occasion for an entrepreneurial act, for a measure (a test, an expert assessment, etc.).

Examples of hazardous assessments


Extract from the checklist for VDU workstations
Extract from the checklist for VDU workstations

The Ordinance on Workplaces (formerly VDU Ordinance) requires a special assessment of the stress at VDU workstations (checklist), the provision of eye examinations and the payment of vision aids required by occupational medicine.


The online risk assessment for daycare centers available since 2019 is premium:


Risk matrix, extract from risk assessment
Risk matrix, extract from risk assessment

In order to standardize the decision about the urgency of a measure, this evaluation logic is used for critical questions.