Occupational safety supports construction planning

Architect and client have to bring together a lot of rules:

  • Building law
  • Fire protection
  • Workplace law and many more rules.

During the planning phase, the open questions pile up, hundreds of decisions have to be made every day. Finances, executing companies, deadlines, time windows, weather, always new creative changes.


It is clearer than ever: workplace law, indeed the complete comprehensive occupational health and safety law, must be fully considered!


Every failure forces expensive reworking!


The sooner the more

The sooner the occupational safety expertise is integrated, the more expensive rescheduling, budget delays or even partial demolition and other corrections can be avoided during the construction phase.

Save time, money, nerves

Book my temporary expertise.

Avoid late adjustments to the plan and structural improvements.

Prevent the imminent closure of the workplace and a fine procedure by the labor inspectorate.

My functions are

  • Complement in the role-playing game client / architect / planner / expert / trades
  • Expert role with a focus on occupational safety
  • Communication with the authorities

My accomplishments are

  • Review of the planning documents for legal conformity
    • ArbStättV and ArbStättR
    • Fire protection technical + organizational
    • GefStoffV Ordinance on Hazardous Substances
    • VStättV Meeting Place Ordinance
    • MBeVO Model Accommodation Ordinance
  • Vulnerability detection
  • Formulation of proposed solutions
  • Smart negotiation in your sense